Passion for Ocean





Passion for Ocean is a 24-hour tribute to the sea, where the goal is to create good experiences and relationships to the floating element. Passion for Ocean is held at Vippetangen in Oslo, where we during 24 intensive hours offers a variety of activities and entertainment, hosted by talented and passionate players.





As a part of Ta:Da Collective, a multi professional designcollective based in Oslo, our contribution was a trash camp. A lounge area where after a round of festival activities visitors can settle down to enjoy a snack and drink. The camp was made out of trash found in the ocean, and the twist is how garbage can be processed into furniture. We made a chair called KNUT, which is handmade out of ropes, nets and tire obtained from the Oslo Fjord.






Celebrity visit

We got the visit of Crown Prince and Princess with family who also got to bound with KNUT 😀


Fin dag i sola på havfestival .. Sitter på stoler laget av dekk og gammelt fiskegarn. ?????????????? @passionforocean

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